Why I’m Here – Kprophet

Why I’m Here – Kprophet

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Why I’m Here – Kprophet

?1. Clap for me
?2. Blessed (I CANT EVEN HERE YOU)
?3. Hip hop 
?4. Good morning (feat. Sae3d)
?5. Youthful summer
?6. Reminisce (lullaby)
?7. Pick a Thot 

I sometimes think to myself “How do artist put out such incomplete projects!?!” This is the perfect example of that. You sound off on almost every track or you drowned out by your beat. You also sound like your trying too hard….. oh and by the way… the person who mix and mastered robbed you… This project was a Horrid listen. Don’t waste your time. You’re welcome world.


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