Rapping for Idiots – Duncecap

Rapping for Idiots – Duncecap

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Rapping for Idiots – Duncecap

?1.Lyrical Miracale
?3.Sore throat
?7.Two cents
?8 .Quite times
?9.Kinda sorta ft big breakfast dude is ass no emoji
?10.Rashtastic Rappin

Duncecap was a weird listen for me, being my first time listening to this guy, it caught me offguard. Its a weird sound that you have to really listen and catch what he is saying. Metaphors are all over this album and makes you think and scratch your head. The only downside to this album is the features, they fuck up this album so much and can make a track horrible, they can’t keep up him, I enjoyed this album ita not your average bubble gum, drug, fuck your gurl type shit. The features are just horrible and the production could be better.


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