Pookie Baby – PROF

Pookie Baby – PROF

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?1. Pookie Baby
?2. Andre The Giant
?3. Light Work
?4. Time Bomb
?5. Send Nudes
?6. Be Around f. Ashley DuBose
?7. Designated Hitter
?8.I’ve Cooked Crack Before
?9. No f. Cashinova
?10. Action
?11. Homicide
?12. Criminal
?13. Focus
?14. Minneapolis
?15. Eulogy

This album is very well put together. I personally am a fan of the aggressive side of Prof but I also appreciate his melodic vibey side which this project showcases more. I feel like the songs I didn’t like might grow on me after a couple more listens but on the first run through I just didn’t feel them. All in all it is a great album and I definitely recommend a listen. Prof is my manz for this one.
Kyle AKA Kyru Wik


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