Eazy Call – Eric Bellinger

Eazy Call – Eric Bellinger

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Eazy Call – Eric Bellinger

?1. Legs
?2. Not a love song f. Ma$e
?3. Main thing f. Dom Kennedy 
?4. She f. AD
?5. Role play f. Scottie
?6. Silent treatment
?7. Goat 2.0 f. Wale
?8. Dirty dancin’ f. NE-YO
?9. Y.A.K f. Sammie & Chevy Woods
?10. Ain’t ya x f. Mila J & Tink
?11. Money float
?12. By now
?13. Luck
?14. Bagged
?15. Eric Bellinger

Warning ⚠️ this man Eric bellinger is trying to get y’all current love interests in there damn feelings. WARNING ⚠️ if you hear track 6 or 10 in the background of Snapchat’s etc all hell is fixing to break lose in your life. With that being said it got boring from time to time. Production was A1 and you my friend can sing your ass off. Welcome to the club.




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