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The Leek 5 – Chief Keef

The Leek 5 – Chief Keef

The Leek 5 – Chief Keef

💩1. She a Freak
👎🏾2. Can’t Wait
💤3. New Trap
🚮4. Office
💤5. Cocky
😴6. Rounds
😴7. Traumatized
👎🏾8. Mac 10
🚛9. Almoney
👍🏾10. Excited
💩11. Pardon Em
😴12. Espn
🆗13. Action
🚮14. Nemo
💩15. Ya Know
💩16. Freak
💩17. Flexin

Shits weird, garage band beats, unnecessary auto-tune, drooling, repetitive lines, trash, incoherent noises, nothing is on beat its not even funny. I refuse to consider this a real release. This is the product of someone who has never heard music before. This being part 5 of a series, I now understand why it is named after a vegetable. Because he raps like one. Throw the whole series away and thank Yeezus.


John D.

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