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The Leek 4 – Chief Keef

The Leek 4 – Chief Keef

The Leek 4 – Chief Keef

👎🏾1. Upset
👍🏾2. Run Up
🚮3. Macaroni Time (Remix)
🚛4. Sosa Pain
😴5. Rolls
👍🏾6. Blocka
👎🏾7. Squidward Tenacles
💤8. Kane
🆗9. Tt
💩10. Tats
🚮11. Instagram
👎🏾12. So Cold
👎🏾13. Wake Up
💤14. Can’t Catch Em
👎🏾15. Foreigns

This project is crazy, I laughed allot. Shit is weird, mad repetative lines/hooks/nonsense, homie is just saying shit, no rhyme no reason, Song transitions are crazy shit just ends randomly, the mixing is wild, the production I think would be better without him on it. I can’t take this project serious. Im pretty sure he gets his own age wrong on a track. I respect it being all him tho no features, tho they coulda saved this. Blocka got a thumbs up because its so ignorant that it speaks to me. Besides that this can stay tf away from our rotation.


John D.

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