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Sus* – SuspectBraxton

Sus* – SuspectBraxton

Sus* – SuspectBraxton

😴1. Ultra Violet
🆗2. Lie to My Face
😴3. Pace
💤4. Friends f. Prince E
🔥5. Lenox Ave
💤6. Talk is Cheap
🆗7. Pisces
😴8. Calabasas, CA
🆗9. Craxxy
👎🏾10. Product
😴11. Stuk
👎🏾12. Movie Star
👎🏾13. With Me
💤14. Bird$

Project is extremely boring, i want to say theres not much effort behind it but i cannot tell if that was the plan all along. I dont know if its the mixing but the song werent bad but very very boring. Whole release minus one song did nothing for me, like nothing, which isnt bad because it takes a bit to make me not like a track. Production is a bit sleep too. On a scale of new age to new wave, I would rate this as elevator music. Full court pass on this one.

John D.

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