A Decade of Influence – PicaSso Sight

A Decade of Influence – PicaSso Sight

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Decade of Influence – PicaSso Sight

?1. Out of Lexapro
?2. Unsung Warriors Always Prosper f. Michael Francis
?3. Now A Days f. Melissa B
?4. Rhyme Book Story
?5. Grew Up Too Fast f. Raecine Coles
?6. Perfect Storm Pt. 2 f. Pedro Parker
?7. Abandone (Fxck You Forever)
??8. Joseph Leonard f. Salima x Juan The Homie Bravo x Jeanine
?9. Holla At Me (If You Wanna) f. Raecine Coles
??10. Drop A Jewel f. Arly Marverotti x Status631x Nobodysfly x Gordito x Meta
?11. Tattoo Interlude ft. Ayanna Williams
?12. Youngins Rage ft. Aya
?13. Song for AJ f. Vicky x Adrian x Lydia
?14. Decode Into 5am ft. Lewis Bethea x Samie Louie x Jersey Campbell
??15. Influence f. Meta
?16. Audacity to Dream f. Meschac x Lydia x Ulysse Honor x Guit by Jonathan Locastro

Project is smooth. Got some imperfections for sure but there is no slacking when it comes to heart and passion. The lyrics are there, they are strong and they have mad substance. The production is cool some tracks knock, some are just ok. The features did they thing, on some of the harder tracks tho their might’ve been too many cats so they drag. Only bad I can say is this release is just missing a lil more sazon (the white box) to really stand out. Otherwise, in rotation!

John D.


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