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Texas Rattlesnake – Le$

Texas Rattlesnake – Le$

Texas Rattlesnake – Le$

🔥01.Broken Glass
👎02. Stone Cold (Feat. Slim Thug)
🆗03. No Mercy
👍04. Bottom Line
🔥05. DTA (Interlude)
👍06. Whoop Ass
🌊07. Tough Guy (Feat. Wes Blanco)
👎08. Rattlesnake
🔥09. 6 Beers
👎10. What?
🆗11. The Ringmaster

Starting your ep off with one of the baddest mofos in wrestling is a bold move, you have to live up to the hype now. This is a nice upbeat tape, its consistant, nothing but a guy spitting what’s on his mind, and making sense. Houston sound, its smooth but aggressive. Keeps your head knodding, even the tracks that are decent still keep your attention. Give it a listen there is something for everyone on this Ep.


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