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Somewhere Shining – GOOD WTHR

Somewhere Shining – GOOD WTHR

Somewhere Shining – GOOD WTHR

🆗1. Imagination
🌊2. I Promise
🌊3. Somewhere Shining (feat. Jay Be)
🔥4. The Evidence (feat. 13adluck)
🔥5. Color Me Back (feat. Coulter)
🔥6. Broken Dreams
👍🏾7. One Away
🌊8. Sunshine In Your Stereo
👍🏾9. Beats & Poetry (feat. Learic)
🌊10. April 3rd
🔥11. Addiction
👍🏾12. Wake Up
🔥13. Time Flies Bye (feat. Tha Truth)
🌊14. Who
🌊15. Happiness

First listen, front to back this whole project felt good. Production, bars, flow, features it has it all. Most of all it has vibes and each song blends together for the better. Outside of the story that the words tell, the music tells a story itself. Great listen, intro track was very ok but do not let that depict how you think this project will go. In rotation for sure.

John D.

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