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Glock Bond – Key Glock

Glock Bond – Key Glock

Glock Bond – Key Glock

🔥01. Hot
🆗02. Cocky
🔥03. Big Glock
🆗04. No Cap
🆗05. Shun Kemp
🚮06. Count Up
🆗07. That’s Nothing
🆗08. Nono
🆗09. Russian Cream
🆗10. Ball
🔥11. Bad to the Bone
🔥12. Ya Know
🆗13. All I Kno Is Trap
🆗14. How I Live
🔥15. Feeling Myself

The tape starts out pretty good, the production on the tape is A1 for sure and on top of some fire beats this tape is sporting a healthy 15 tracks. Key Glock has a couple decent bars here and there but as the tape progresses It starts to feel like Key Glock is doing his best impersonation of the Migos flow. Theres a few songs like the very first one on the tape called “Hot” where Key Glock uses a slightly more unique flow. My only real issue was that before I knew it I was on track 12 of 15 and it all felt like the same song. All in all the lyrics seem uninspired but Key Glock def has potential if he can be a little more unique. Production is A1 like I said though and there’s really only one trash track. There’s certainly a market for Key Glocks sound.

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