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Arent U Glad Youre U – Domo Genesis

Arent U Glad Youre U – Domo Genesis

Arent U Glad Youre U? – Domo Genesis

🔥1. Me vs Me
🔥2. Shaq Carried Kobe (feat. Phonte)
🔥3. Free Kirk
👍4. BBB
🆗5. Sing Me a Song
🔥6. Brake
🔥7. Fuck a Co- Sign (feat. Evidence)
🔥8. Hood Famous 

This is a album that WILL be slept on because of the artist not being known ( If I didn’t do this review I would have never known) but wow this is pure flames. It’s nice to hear that there are cats who actually rap still in this day and age ( no I’m not taking a shot at anyone) but if I do offend other people in the industry… you should step your game up and show us what you got because the lack of substance in main stream hip hop is killing me. Welcome to the club Domo. I wish more artists took your approach on music.

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