Damage 2 – Wreckless 610 & Get Em Rizzy

Damage 2 – Wreckless 610 & Get Em Rizzy

Damage 2 – Wreckless 610 & Get Em Rizzy

????01. Eternal G’s

????02. Like That f. Piff Pennywise Jr & Cage Targaryen

????03. F**k Was You Thinkin f. J Scott da Illest

????04. More Damage

????????05. Collins f. The Musalini

????06. The Flyest

????07. Streets f. Rick Hyde

????08. Can You Relate

????09. The Real

Project got the energy of someone who loves old hip hop and will argue loudly about it being better than what people consider hip hop now. This a smooth lil 9 piece, got some bangers on it. He does enough to keep things going, he flowing, some wordplay, gems, punchlines and what not, nothing game changing just straight forward raps. Features were ok, some were a bit on the sleepy side but allot of this relies on the production. Some of the beats were dope in a simple sense, but when they slowed a bit too much or simplified a bit too much it kinda hit that boring point borderline wack. This slight inconsistency didnt take too much away from the project. Overall this just a solid hip hop release that you can find something to spin a few times on it. In rotation.

Project: 7.7/10 || Art: 8/10 – John D.

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