Black Magic – Whu Else

Black Magic – Whu Else

Black Magic – Whu Else

????????01. So Long

????02. But I Need You

????03. Black Magic

????04. Something New

????05. Hot Top

????06. Big Liar

????????07. Crashed Out

????08. Too Many Boyfriends

????09. Can You Be On Time

????10. Maverick

This got all the that corny Chance the Rapper The Big Day Energy, but with high school insecurities and an elementary school vocabulary. This album is the worst of it all. New age bubble gum bullshit. The video game, high color beats. The crayon on construction paper raps. The middle school lunch room lyrics, whoever this is made for was raised on a small screen, only eats processed food and claims to have ARFID. I blame bad parents for this. Pacing is as bad as the project if you like all of your garbage sounding somewhat the same. No contrast couldve saved this. Throw this on if you want or have anxiety.

Project: 2/10 || Art: 2/10 – John D.

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