Atavista – Childish Gambino

Atavista – Childish Gambino

Atavista – Childish Gambino

????01. Atavista

????02. Algorhythm

????????03. Time f. Ariana Grande

????04. Psilocybae (Millenial Love) f. 21 Savage, Ink & Kadhja Bonet

????05. To Be Hunted

????06. Sweet Thang f. Summer Walker

????07. Little Foot Big Foot f. Young Nudy

????08. Why Go To The Party

????09. Human Sacrifice

????10. The Violence

????11. Final Chruch

This man has proven time after time he can appeal to any generation. This is a revamped re-release of 3.15.20 for those who missed out on it when it was only available on his website. This project can be played for older cats, like Temptation era folks, mixed with some kids depending on how much they focus on words, all the way to the current youth. As far as that range of ears, its because the range of sounds on here. He has tracks that sound like something from way way back with a current age twist and quality too it. Every song in some way bends some sort of old with new and honestly dances along the lines of radio hits outside of hip hop or rap. The subject matter is dope and the verbiage used is really unexpected considering how easy it is on the ears sonically. The pacing is dope, it ends very strong. It also has a solid set of features, while some more random than others they do what they have to. It’s hard to put this one in a box but I think we all can agree it’s still good time music.

Project: 7.7/10 || Art: 3/10 – John D.

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