Chromesthesia – DiamondsOvaNations

Chromesthesia – DiamondsOvaNations

Chromesthesia – DiamondsOvaNations

????????01. Purple Hour

????02. Pink Hour

????03. Golden Hour

????????04. White Hour

????05. Grey Hour

????06. Black Hour

????07. Blue Hour

For a beat tape I was shocked I was a bit underwhelmed. The drums don’t knock as much as you want them too. You get a solid few samples and even some cultural twists but everything else just really doesnt come to life on this. Every track felt like something was needed to real it give it more feeling, whether it be a rapper, chunkier drums, or more effects. Some of the leveling could’ve even done more to set this apart. Salute to the energy that goes behind this and such but this felt like something just to get out there. Things didnt even truly relate to the track titles or the theme in my opinion. Not awful just not good enough for me to study to or relax too or maybe even notice.

Project: 5/10 || Art: 9/10 – John D.

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