genre : sadboy EP – mgk & Trippie Redd

genre : sadboy EP – mgk & Trippie Redd

genre : sadboy EP – mgk & Trippie Redd

????01. lost boys

????02. beauty

????03. time travel

????04. struggles

????05. suddenly

????06. half dead

????07. hiding in the hills

????08. no more

????09. who do i call

????10. summer’s gone

Trippie Redd was fighting for his life on this one. MGK was cooking his ass up on every single track, singing better than him, rapping better, his engineering even sounded better as far as autotune and such. This is a slightly forced sadboy vibe that panders a bit to the pill heads but works for me because I love that sad shit. Its empty sadness, like the fast food version, it doesn’t feel too genuine but has all the working around it to get the point across as far as the production, the sound, and sonics. The singing on here has a lot of moments where it gets catchy and somewhere it feels like they ran out of ideas. The raps are solid too, mainly from MGK and show that he still can, while Trippie still can’t. It’s not bad, if you are a lightskin, pisces or a teenage white girl, you gonna rock with this one. In rotation.

Project: 7.3/10 || Art: 5/10 – John D.

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