Moetown – Moe Carter

Moetown – Moe Carter

Moetown – Moe Carter

????01. Krown Me

????02. Beekman Rd. f. Stevey Dub

????03. Wtf f. KD & King Merc

????04. Don’t Slip f. Bryce Mills

????05. 1 Shot 1 Kill f. Miss Marley

????06. Wings f. BroGodZilla

????07. Idmu

????????08. Traffiq f. Donny Spade

????09. Bender Till December f. Thought Provokah & Timothy Biggins

I wasn’t expecting this project to be this solid considering the cover art was done in Microsoft Paint. This dude can rap and he brought a bunch of his homies along to rap with him. This feels homemade, if that makes sense, not in a bad way but it has that burned cd’s feel to it. The production has nice variety and gives off a he was hunting for them on all sorts of sites. They work tho, he out here punching, mixing in some gems but mostly slick talking which fits. Pacing was solid, tho the end lost a bit of steam. HIs hooks were solid too nothing crazy and kept the songs going. This one of those ones that the homie will give to you, and sit in your car for like a year or 2 then when your aux cable break or your lose phone service you throw it on, and think, damn I should’ve bumped this when he gave it to me. In rotation.

Project: 7.6/10 || Art: 1/10 – John D.

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