Side-A – Angel Centeno

Side-A – Angel Centeno

Side-A – Angel Centeno

????01. Thin Line Between Love and Hate

????????02. The Emptiness Grows

????03. What a Time To Be Alive

????04. Time Flies Two Quick

????????05. Getting Back INto the Flow of Things

????06. Getting Money

????07. Emotional-Homelessness

This dude could be very dope if he really worked on his craft. Not to say he wasnt rapping, the content is solid and has a nice mix of reality, some flash and almost poetry. Where it falls off is in the delivery, the pocket varies, his delivery gets lazy, and he leaves almost too much open space to really give these dope ass beats justice. Sometimes it just feels like he could’ve done more small things and it would have easily been super dope as opposed to like, this beat is cool but what he’s doing i’m on the fence with it. Again it’s not bad, it’s just I couldn’t help but hear a lot of unpracticed things, and more confidence than technicality. Pacing is ok, the songs blend nicely but vary as far as what’s being put on them. I would like to see a part 2 to this where the It’s not just a copy and paste. Till then, I wont be running this back.

Project: 5.8/10 || Art: 8/10 – John D.

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