Hits 4 Dayz EP – Dakar

Hits 4 Dayz EP – Dakar

Hits 4 Dayz EP – Dakar

????01. Soul Train

????????02. Chase Me

????03. Gang Love

????04. Hit Men

????05. Gravediggers

????06. Not Today

Project is mids. Nothing really stands out outside of the fact that this ran out of steam quick and it’s an EP. Kind of like someone releasing 5 different versions of a single, except its all different songs. The tracks are super busy, a bit overproduced but could work in a club setting but outside of maybe wanting to dance or throw something behind a cringe tik tok, this really doesn’t have much replay value. This is a solid attempt at some radio fodder, but out the gate it feels empty as far as passion and skill. Its not the bad its just its not good enough to remember either or want to remember.

Project: 5/10 || Art: 3/10 – John D.

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