Giving John Hope – K. Johnny

Giving John Hope – K. Johnny

Giving John Hope – K. Johnny

????01. Intro

????02. Cfwm

????03. Watch Me Do It (Remix) f. ????Derez De’Shon

????04. Nas Told Me

????05. Crazy Life (Interlude)

????06. So Sick

????07. Give Me Glory f. BLDTR

????08. Therapist (Bridge Speaks)

????09. Stronger Than Ever f. Chassidy

????10. 3k Smile f. Naomi the Goddess

????11. Beautiful Pain

????12. Light

????13. Convo With Momma/2019 Story

????14. I’m King

This dude came to rap and rap he fucking did. Out the gate you will know what you are about to experience. All the raps, aggression, and energy, consistently. This dude is punching, throwing a whole lot of personals in this, flowing, and honestly even though its all the same cadence the variety is here. The production is dope got some familiar samples being touched up, some high energy, some smooth more powerful, all fitting the vibe that he was bringing. Pacing is dope too especially if you don’t mind a few songs being about a minute too long, or a skit that blends with a song making it feel longer. Features were dope and added necessary contrast when recruited. This is a passion project. There is no doubt about that. Check this out if you wanna hear what its like to be passionate, hungry, and talented all in one. In rotation.

Project: 8.4/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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