Trophies – Berner & OhGeesy

Trophies – Berner & OhGeesy

Trophies – Berner & OhGeesy

????01. Bank Truck

????02. The 5

????03. Flights f. G.T.

????04. Clouds

????05. Ride or Die

????????06. Another Line

????07. Get It Out

????08. Million Dollar Day

????09. Monsoon

????????10. Action f. ????Mozzy

They say that steel sharpens steel, but what’s the saying for when dull just adds more dullness. This project is boring, its like listening to the 2 most uninteresting people you know have a conversation about being successful, like a hood twist or too much weed on an entrepreneur podcast. The beats are solid, bit of variety but mostly trap beats that you’ve heard somewhat before. The features were 50/50. Then you have the main event both just being as boring and as cookie cutter as humanly possible. If you grabbed one word from any new age mainstream industry plant rappers verse and strung them together like a serial killer, and then gave it to some kid who thinks, maybe he could rap to record in a booth, itd not only sound like but it would actually be either of these dudes verses. No amount of clout, success, or whatever they do in their free time is going to make me convince myself this is more than mids on a good day. Pass.

Project: 2.7/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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