Wicked Goon – Young Iggz

Wicked Goon – Young Iggz

Wicked Goon – Young Iggz

????01. Suppose To Be

????02. Big Chop

????03. First Day Out

????04. I Came Thru

????05. Free the Team f. Acito

????06. Block Party

????07. What It Do

????08. Out the Way

????09. Steppin

????????10. Fall In Line f. Waldy

????11. Pop Out

????12. Llr

Project is solid. This project wasnt made to raise the bar or go at the best of them. This has the energy of someone who fucks with rap, and fucks with that gangsta shit and decided to put out some gangsta rap shit. Im not mad at it, the production is solid, the features were ok, probably couldve used a bit more and the emcee himself was doing his best. The content isnt the most deep, a bit higher on the scale of invincible aggro thuggery but hes sliding a bit with the few flows hes got. Hes punching a bit too just seeing what lands. You can hear that he cares about sounding clean, which shows. The pacing is ok, and the music is just dope enough to proudly bump on any block. If this dude wants to get better, he could and it would make that much more of a difference in his music. In rotation.

Project: 7/10 || Art: 6/10 – John D.

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