Fine Ho, Stay – Flo Milli

Fine Ho, Stay – Flo Milli

Fine Ho, Stay – Flo Milli

????01. Understand

????02. New Me f. Anycia

????03. Got The Juice

????04. Neva f. Monaleo

????05. Never Lose Me f. SZA & Cardi B

????06. Toast

????07. Can’t Stay Mad

????????08. Edible f. Gunna

????09. Lay Up

????10. Life Hack

????11. Clap Sum

????12. Tell Me What You Want

????13. Not Sorry

????????14. Never Lose Me

Project is mids at best. Its not bad but you can tell it was curated to hit algorithms, radio, and just overall be in the mix of what is most popular. She can rap and sing a little but besides that the content is basura. Its got aggressively ratchet rap tracks where shes double timing, some strange very bubblegum type tracks, and then a bunch of extremely soft, high pitch singing tracks for short women who can fight. Depending on which of these that you like most, you have enough of each type of song to make an ep for each. Its not bad but its nothing new, we’ve heard this done so many times on so many different levels and this doesn’t do much to break the mold. Even if you are a fan you might not throw this on a second time.

Project: 6/10 || Art: 5/10 – John D.

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