Dirty Nachos – Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It

Dirty Nachos – Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It

Dirty Nachos – Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It

????01. Intro

????????02. 2 Times

????03. Dirty Nachos

????04. Doja

????????05. Ridiculousness

????06. PULL UP GHOST-CLAN f. 2 Chainz

????07. DAMN SHORTY f. Sexyy Red

????????08. Why You Mad

????09. Watch For the Pigs

????10. Charged Up

????11. Promenade

????12. Beware of Dogs

????13. Girl Woo

????14. Player In Me

????15. Love Don’t Live Here

????????16. Status

????17. Harley Quinn

????18. Bang Bang

At least he knows his target audience. This for the hot cheeto kids that don’t even think twice about wiping they hands on they clothes or handshaking someone with that dust on they fingers. He’s got that same energy, he is that voice of that particular youth. Project is ass. The production is a mix between soundcloud type beats and a few solid beats, and then him just doing some bullshit over it, without a care in the world of if its musical or not. Just trying shit, which I cannot be mad at but am also upset with the lack of trying to learn how to make actual music. The mix is not great, pacing is bad too. What’s also crazy is that he does sound like he tried on this, but at what point will he actually try to get better. Wack bars, flows, sonics, autotune, and just a whole lot of all that wack shit. Throw this on if you can’t fight, will pull a gun out for the smallest inconvenience and probably not use it. Throw this all the way out.

Project: 1/10 || Art: 3/10 – John D.

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