????????01. Diamond In the Rough

????????02. Winning

????03. FIND SOME PEACE f. Mike Belardes

????04. Still Neva Fold

????05. 10 Toes Down

????06. My Moment

Project could use a few generous sprinkles of seasoning. I will say the content here is dope, important and necessary. From diving into the authenticity of artists, to honestly within self, and even diving into some familiar insecurities, he is very clear in his content. The bad is its delivered very monotone without any flare, it feels like someone just reading some deep thoughts they jotted down onto some beats and making them rhyme. There isn’t variety in flows, the sonics aren’t the most attention grabbing, the hooks can use allot of work and honestly he wasn’t doing much to bring these beats to life. You take the content he has and put some effort into just learning what makes music shed light or bring that enjoyment to people, from the science to the art and this dude can really put out something special. Till then, I wouldn’t bump this again.

Project: 4/10 || Art: 5/10 – John D.

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