Selfish – DREA

Selfish – DREA

Selfish – DREA

????01. Flood

????02. Not Ready

????03. Selfish

????04. Untitled

????05. Interlude

????06. Couldn’t Be

????07. May Be Trouble

????08. Fine Without Me

????09. Don’t Wanna Go

????10. L.Y.A. (Leave You Alone)

????11. Love Me f. Fella

????12. Hypnotized f. Zencris

She does it all, I wouldn’t be surprised if she produced mixed and mastered this project too. Having a dope voice in this music game is a cheat code as is, but having a dope singing voice and rap voice, it’s unfair. She can sing, she can harmonize, put together a damn catchy hook and rap her ass off. What really stands out on this is not only does it have that old school R&B album feel to it, it also has that variety. From her tracks that are for people born with hip movement, to her straight up giving you some R&B lovey dovey or even breakup shit. The variety in the production really stands out because there are some trap type joints, mixed with some space but she never shy’s from the background noise, and it really gives everything that much more life. This is a full project and thought, and a great one at that. Might get better after a few listens. In rotation.

Project: 9.3/10 || Art: 8/10 – John D.

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