The Green Album – Eizlo

The Green Album – Eizlo

The Green Album – Eizlo

???? 1. Apples & Oranges (ft. High Sunday & King Nova)

???? 2. Heaven Sent (ft. Blonju, Ansolu & Grandsome)

???? 3. Know I Been (ft. Cap’n Kira)

????4. Shut up (ft. Itz Mainy Da Smoke Man)

???? 5. Find Balance (ft. Tripz)

???? 6. Make A Billion (ft. Kadin Yeahmon & Daytabass)

???? 7. Came a Long Way (ft. Chuck Brown & Savage Poet)

???? 8. When You Are Down (ft. Jae Harmony & Euphonic Aspekt)

???? 9. Cold Mourning (ft. Trill Lee)

This project is a good time. It brought some warm summer vibes in the winter and it has a lot of feel good production on it. Even when Eizlo is talking spicy or on a deep level, he still has a feel good wave to his records and they fit together nicely. The only track I wasn’t too crazy about was track 4; it just didn’t feel like it belonged on this project. I also wish the project had less features, but that’s me nitpicking and the features all delivered. I just would have liked to hear some good, solid solo records too. Overall though, I enjoyed the project and I’d listen again. Keep up the dope work.

Project: 7.8/10 || Art: 7/10 – Sir Longwood

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