Winner Circle – Numbz & Rome Mallory

Winner Circle – Numbz & Rome Mallory

Winner Circle – Numbz & Rome Mallory

????01. Winner Circle

????02. Do What I Do

????03. Find Yourself f. St. Marshall

????04. Need You

????05. Fastest f. Aaqil Ali

????06. Set the Trends f. Furious Stylez

????07. Brenda’s Daughter

This got the energy of cats from other hood hoods that rocked with that real NY rap. Can’t tell me these two don’t got a Dipset fit in the closet or 2. Out the gate the clip at the beginning shows you where their heads are at. The production on this is smooth, with a bit of grit too it and very open enough to let these two get busy. They both approach this with boss energy, big boy cadences, slow and clear flows while keeping the lingo and communication street. This rope chain music, fading lion tattoo music. This the music that goes on in your head when you are taking care of your friends and family, maybe even your block. Its a quick 7 piece that will make you want to get out and get shit done but also if you don’t weight over 215lbs you are going to want to stack weight up too. In rotation for all BMW’s in any hood.

Project: 7.6/10 || Art: 4/10 – John d.

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