Playoff – BigWalkDog

Playoff – BigWalkDog

Playoff – BigWalkDog

????01. Day in the Life

????02. Cold Blooded

????03. No Limit

????04. On They Neck

????05. Talk to Em ft. ????Veeze

????06. Multiple and Double

????07. Flock Together ft. ????Gucci Mane

????08. In the Ghetto

????09. I Promise

????10. Like Tyreek

????11. Freestyle

????12. One Foot In ft.???? NoHeart Shad

????13. A Million

????14. Crown Me

This is like the earth day of rap. Cadence, delivery and production are all good and in that sense the project is listenable, but aside from a few tracks, the content is monotonous and unimaginative. I’m all for emcees being authentic, but I yearn to hear the spoken word elevated to new heights, and this didn’t do that. Tracks 10 and 13 were the standouts and to me it’s sad because if BigDogWalk is capable of the storytelling on “Like Tyreek”, then what happened with the rest of the Album? This is fine in the background of some hood shit montage in a made for HULU drama, but your not gonna catch me paying attention to the lyrics. Not really any punchlines or wordplay, and besides the tracks i mentioned, nothing catchy. Kind of a mayonnaise album if you ask me.

Project: 5/10 || Art: 8/10 – Euphonic

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