Mhm Ep – Luh Kel

Mhm Ep – Luh Kel

Mhm Ep – Luh Kel

????01. Mhm

????02. Mhm( Sped Up)

????03. Mhm (Chopped Not Slopped)

????04. Mhm (Bass Boosted)

????05. Mhm (Instrumental)

This is one hand he should have folded. Weird cards to play here, 5 different versions of the same boring song. The best one was the sped up chipmunk edition on track 2, but all in all this is just high end brand name dropping and degrading women. Even the instrumental is sleepy and underproduced like it came straight out the garage band sample library. The Mhm single wasn’t worth the engineers effort to make these version, and not worth your time to listen to.

Project: 2.2/10 || Art: 9/10 – Euphonic

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