Penith (The DAVE Soundtrack) – Lil Dicky

Penith (The DAVE Soundtrack) – Lil Dicky

Penith (The DAVE Soundtrack) – Lil Dicky

????????01. Brand New

????02. Honestly

????03. Mr. McAdams

????04. HAHAHA

????05. Ally’s Song

????06. Harrison AVe

????07. Burst

????08. Second Coming

????09. I Love Myself

????10. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

????11. Going Gray

????12. I Met A Girl

????13. YG Interlude

????14. No Fruits Or Vegetables

????15. I’m Drunk

????16. Morning After

????17. My D!ck Sucks

????18. Still Freestyling (Outro)

????19. Jail, Pt. 1 (Bonus Track)

????20. Hearsay (Bonus Track)

????21. Hi, I’m Dave (Bonus Track)

????22. We Good f. GaTa (Bonus Track)

You don’t need to watch the show to enjoy this soundtrack. Project is hilarious. Not many rappers or artists can be as funny as this dude is, and honestly its because of how real he makes his comedy, you may not relate to it but you might know some people that it could relate to. The 2 downsides of this is its really long, and allot of the songs that hit the new age sound, sound like a dated version of that new age sound, like when he first started going viral. Its not that the songs are bad, they just come off a bit plain like they are missing some tweaks that the new age of the now have in plenty. The very long story telling songs on this absolutely showcase what this man does best, he can fucking rap and tell a damn story that will make you laugh, feel uncomfortable, feel relatable and stick with you. Jail might be the funniest thing ive ever heard over a rap beat. One full listen is enough for this then you can take the tracks you want to loop, outside of that I don’t see it as something to be left on in the background unless its curated specifically. People are lucky he doesn’t go full Weird Al and really ruin rappers. In rotation.

Project: 8/10 || Art: 8/10 – John D.

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