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Flowers – Shy Glizzy

Flowers – Shy Glizzy
Flowers – Shy Glizzy
🆗01. No Days Off f. Chris Brown
😴02. The Real Is Back
👎🏾03. Cops & Robbers
🆗04. Poppin My Shit
🗑05. Fools Fall N Love f. YoungBoy Never Broke Again
👍🏾06. RNC
😴07. Flowers
👎🏾08. Underrated
👍🏾09. No Cap Rap
🌊10. Old Friends, New Opps
💤11. Slime-U-Out f. 21 Savage
🚮12. Whippin’ Up
🚛13. Another Thug Song
👎🏾14. Bodyguard
🌊15. Dapper Don
👎🏾16. Steppin On Sh!t
👎🏾17. Cleansing My Soul
🆗18. Borderline f. EST Gee
🌊19. Movies
👍🏾20. Pain Last Forever
Industry plant Fridays at this point. Whenever someone who actually isn’t famous doesn’t drop, the hood famous take it as they time to shine with a project full of throwaways. This is 20 tracks about the same exact bullshit, so going into it, you have to turn your brain off. Even in that sense the sonics aren’t it, theres a smooth song here and there but not enough spread across 20 songs. This sounds like someone doing an impersonation or that voice women do around babies and animals, but imagine that voice trying to sing rap a message to you. The message being that they kill people or will, and that they are the toughest and richest in the universe. Its trash, every mainstream poison you can think of as far as why some parents wont let kids listen to rap, this guy touches on and promotes it. Features couldn’t save it. Beats neither unless you looking for background music, then the beats will hold it down, just gotta treat his vocals like a fly buzzing around your ear.
2.7/10 – John D.
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