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Let’s Start Here – Lil Yachty

Let’s Start Here – Lil Yachty
Let’s Start Here – Lil Yachty
👎🏾01. the BLACK seminole.
👎🏾02. the ride-
🆗03. running out of time
👍🏾04. pRETTy
👍🏾05. :(failure(:
🌊06. THE zone~
🔥08. drive ME crazy!
🆗10. sAy sOMETHINGg
👎🏾11. paint THE sky
👍🏾12. sHouLd i B?
😴13. The Alchemist.
This project is a showcase of what the people around you and money can do for you as an artist these days. I don’t care what people try to tell me, no one is going to convince me that Lil Boat didn’t tell his team he wanted this project to be his own take on Igor, and they did they absolute best to fit him in all the hard work. I would have loved all of this if he wasn’t on most of it. Some tracks credit will be given where his strange voice and all the effects work, but most it would take away from it and you had to rely on everything else around it. Its got allot of old school classic rock vibes, Pink Floyd sounding songs with like Eddie Hazel solo’s on it. There is decent amount you can take from this, but as a whole the parts that are jarring really throw you off, and the pacing isn’t great either. Not bad, but should have been better. Shout out to trying new things and switching up sounds tho. If he woulda took the Lil out his name this probably woulda got a half a point more from me.
5.5/10 – John D.
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