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Grand Royale – John Jigg$ & SAMPLICITY

Grand Royale – John Jigg$ & SAMPLICITY
✊?1. Grand Royale Intro
?2. Grand Royale
?3. The Standard
?4. Eyes Don’t Lie f. Afrodev
?5. Smokey
?6. Stairway to Heaven
?7. Juke Joint f. SUBSTANCE810 & Roodini
?8. Soil
Project slides. Something about this really hit for me, it puts you in this bubble of nostalgia from the production, the samples, the way he’s rapping and even the mix. Its a good time, something that would have snuck passed the golden era but them grounded crate-diggers and backpackers would’ve known. He out here punching like crazy on this too and delivering some simple but smooth hooks that can get stuck in your head. Dope cadence, and voice but also he’s weaving between swagging and punching effortlessly. Got the energy of them big cats in high school that always dressed well so you couldn’t just get by with fat jokes. Best way to summarize this project is if someone rapped over the pool table spot production in black movies. This a quick listen, got allot of loop potential but also dances on that line of smooth enough to chill to but aggressive enough to wrinkle some foreheads. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.

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