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Mysfit EP – Kyng

Mysfit EP – Kyng
Mysfit EP – Kyng
👍🏾1. Too Far
👍🏾2. Mysfit
🔥3. 1 Of 1
🌊4. Bombs
This Dave East light. Like someone dressed as him for halloween but they didnt wanna shave they mustache. Project is ok, dude can rap and flow but the pen wasnt the most exciting. He is mostly delivery, structure and flash, but when it comes to the depth of his pen, its nothing worth making you run it back. He uses more mainstream lines and verbiage than anything. He has moments where he punches hard but you get like 3-4 memorable lines per song and with the delivery and voice he got you go into this expecting more but either way its still clean and very in pocket. Production is ok, like he was cruising youtube and soundcloud to them pages in the 20’s and 30’s. Not bad but it gave me nothing to want to run it back, the potential is here tho. Deep down inside I know dude can snap he just has to want to.
6/10 – John D.
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