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Tha Pantheon – Body Bag Ben & JR Swiftz

Tha Pantheon – Body Bag Ben & JR Swiftz
Tha Pantheon – Body Bag Ben & JR Swiftz
🔥01. Not Like Me
🔥02. Drug Dealer Music
🔥03. Ski Mask
🔥04. Broken Bottles
🔥05. F**k Ya Life
🔥06. Catch a Case
🔥07. Gtfoh
🌊08. The Lookout
🔥09. Open Casket f. NapsNDreds & Supreme Cerebral
🔥10. Lay Em in a Body Bag f. Milano Constantine
Project doesn’t just hit. It fucking punches. This is for older cats who still wear baggy clothes, mad jewelry and act more than they speak. Every track on here is a mix of some violent but in a sense classy or enveloped in its own street rules and politics, with dope flows and punches that are for ages 27 and up. Every beat is mean but simple in a loop sense with chunky drums. The features all came to play dominos. This one hits, pacing and all. Only thing that could’ve added more was some better hooks but the ones we got was not bad. In rotation, but best played in a car over 30 yrs old with a tape deck and that tape with the headphone jack attachment.
8.3/10 – John D.
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