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Feed Tha Streets III – Roddy Ricch

Feed Tha Streets III – Roddy Ricch
Feed Tha Streets III – Roddy Ricch
🌊01. Just Because
👍🏾02. King Size
👍🏾03. Heavier
🆗04. Blue Cheese
🌊05. Favor For A Favor
🔥06. Twin f. Lil Durk
🌊07. Aston Martin Truck
🌊08. Get Swept
🔥09. Belly Of The Beast
🔥10. Stop Breathing
🔥11. Fade Away
🌊12. #1 Freak f. Ty Dolla $ign
🔥13. Pressure
👍🏾14. No Rest
🔥15. Letter To My Son
Project is a good time, you got all the melodics, catchy tones, flows and hooks that you came here for. On top of that theres some tracks on here that if you really listen they seem genuine and honest but also not just to make music but like he was venting a bit. It is a good time, project would have hit way more if allot of the fluff was removed, some clear throwaways, but honestly he carried this. The 2 features showed up for sure and added what they needed but it woulda been dope just him too. A few more contrasting features could have made some of the fire even hotter but it works. Pacing is solid, minus a simple start then it just lets loose. Not bad, might take old heads a while to come around but if you put this on in the background science will work its magic and them sonics will get them. In rotation.
7.9/10 – John D.
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