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Cuz It Bangz 7 – D.Cure

Cuz It Bangz 7 – D.Cure
Cuz It Bangz 7 – D.Cure
🌊01. Unpredictable Feat. Hi-Rez & Franchise Tha Multytalent
🔥02. Show Me Feat. Tony Shane & Showrocka
🚒03. Everyday Battles Feat. Daphya & I.V.
🔥04. Addicted Feat. John d. Contradiction & GameNotes
🌊05. Playin’ Feat. Euphonic Aspekt & (🔥)MCRE
🆗06. Made of Me Feat. Aeon Crux & K.O.N.T.E.E.
🌊07. Take Two Feat. Xuper Heru & Space Force
🚒08. Blue Moon Feat. A.Rob
🚒09. Where We Are Feat. Crazy8theGreat & Ansolu
🔥10. Primed Feat. Royalty & SPEK ARSON
🔥11. Ain’t In My Soul Feat. High Sunday & D. Rhymz
🔥12. Never Die Feat. Showrocka & BISON
🌊13. The End Is Near Feat. Black Pegasus & Angill (Beat 🔥)
🚒14. Out Alive Feat. Blonju & ELOH
🚒15. Cuzzins
Project is solid as fuck. Everyone came to rap. This is a master class on flow, delivery, word play, and everything is just solid on this project. The pacing is great. There no times where like it gets, you know, kinda boring. Except maybe one song, which is just my personal take on it, wasn’t really to my liking. But even on that song, everybody’s word play was fucken fire! Great pacing and of coarse the features are just solid, you know, it’s what makes the project. You look forward to what everyone can do, and you’re never disappointed when they do. Every feature brought something to the table and everyone is from a different place, which adds different flavors that just works together. It’s a perfect good time. If you need something really dope to listen to, please don’t sleep on this project. In rotation.
8/10 – RecklessDWR
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