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Heru – Xuper Heru

Heru – Xuper Heru
Heru – Xuper Heru
🔥01. I Got a Op
🚒02. Crossing Lines
🔥03. Holy
🔥04. Wake Up
🔥05. Phenomenal
🔥06. Metronome
🚒07. The Lore (High Sunday)
🌊09. Get Iller
🌊10. God’s Wrath
🚒12. Sounds
🔥13. Homegrown
These dudes are like hip hop batman villains. Bison is Clayface, Genesis is Ra’s al Ghul and Sunday is Mister Bloom. If you know, you know. If you don’t I gotta explain. Bison alters his voice in all sorts of ways to fit the beats and provides a huge presence. Genesis has that ancient tongue old school very meticulously planned type style. Sunday does it all at a very crazy rate and comes at you with what can only be classified as multiple super powers. They all work, and they are a problem. The beats all mixed it up as much as they dudes did and as much as they contrasted. Features added to this story, and honestly the quality from this I wouldn’t feel right calling it underground, it felt big, it felt worked on heavily, pacing felt planned, quality felt like endless hours. If this is what the underground can produce, its over for allot of you. In rotation.
9.2/10 – John D.
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