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Living In The End Times – Novatore

Living In The End Times – Novatore
?01. Outlaws of Outer Space
?02. Road Warriors f. King Magnetic
?03. Audio Assault f. Welles Maddingly
?04. The Time Has Come f. Nightwalker & AM Early Morning
?05. Terry Funk Syndrome
?06. End Times Intermission
?07. The Game Is Over f. Ill Zakiel & Benny Holiday
?08. Mass Panic
?09. Wasteland f. OutcastGawd Lord El
?10. Class Act
Project starts off in your face and doesn’t really leave. Its got the energy of an aggressive fighter constantly controlling the center of the ring or octagon. Dude can really rap and mix it up, and the production he decides to rap on off rip will turn your face into an oatmeal cookie. Then you have all these wild features adding some really dope contrast especially King Mag and Welles Maddingly, that Welles track at first will shock most but once it hits you are going to really rock with the vision. Project is dope, lots of replay value, solid pacing and its just that type of rap that you wish was really on the forefront of social media. This that shit that goes good with fast drives, sports, and fist fights. In rotation.
9/10 – John D.

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