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10 – Westside Gunn

10 – Westside Gunn
10 – Westside Gunn
🗣01. Intro
🆗02. FlyGod Jr
🔥03. Super Kick Party
🌊04. Shootouts In Soho
🔥05. Peppas
🌊06. Nigo Louis
🚒07. BDP
🚒08. Science Class
🔥09. God Is Love
🚒10. Switches On Everything
🔥11. Mac Don’t Stop
🚒12. Red Death
Project starts off light but then absolutely puts its foot on the fucking gas from middle to end. I went into this not seeing features listed on Itunes so please believing hearing everyone on here had me hyped and shocked me. The production on here had dope variety, we all know what to expect from Griselda. Westside is doing his thing which love it or hate it hes gonna do what he does, I personally love it, I don’t get allot of opportunities to yell out gun noises ignorantly. The features make this, from the legendary to the labels silent killers they all absolutely steal this. You just have to check this out for yourself to understand. This has more than enough to respin, but also keep it alive in the underground and even the older crowd mainstream. In rotation for sure and if its not for you then you probably still have ya mom call to schedule your doctors appointments.
9.4/10 – John D.
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