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Mother – Killah Priest

Mother – Killah Priest
Mother – Killah Priest
👎🏾1. M.O.T.H.E.R.
🌊2. The Brother’s Letter
😴3. H.C.O.S.
😴4. Helen
👎🏾5. Flower Ashes
👍🏾6. August
💤7. Balance
😞8. Voicemail to Mom
Project is like Cameron reading poetry in front of a piano player. Jokes aside the message and idea is genuine but outside of the fact that this was probably only made for him, there isn’t much for anyone to really hold onto beside the concept. This what happens when old heads do tai chi. Highkey the Green Goddess of word salad. I couldn’t get into it as hard as I tried, legend or not this isn’t something anyone is bumping sadly. Much respect to his accolades and such but honestly the second I heard that Tik Tok beat on track 1 I knew what I was getting into. This is snap poetry on wax, and yes it could be riddled with deeper meanings and all of that but nothing else on here from the beats to the delivery will make me want to tap into the deeper meaning of poetry from a Priest, about Elohim and space ships. I wouldn’t feel right recommending this to anyone but Killah Priest himself. RIP to Moms tho.
2/10 – John D.
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