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Church – Billy Woods

Church – Billy Woods
Church – Billy Woods
🆗01. Paraquat
🌊02. Artichoke
🆗03. Swampwater
👍🏾04. Fever Grass
🌊05. Fuchsia & Green f. E L U C I D
🌊06. Classical Music f. AKAI SOLO & Fielded
😴07. Cossack Wedding
🌊08. Schism f. Fat Ray
🆗09. Frankie
👍🏾10. Pollo Rico
🌊11. All Jokes Aside
🌊12. Magdalene
Project is solid. This is one of those ones that lyricists and hip hop purist can’t tell you to listen to without first saying its an acquired taste. You have very slow almost eery production, sample heavy, and straight to the point loops. Some solid drums but nothing too chunky to bop too so they force you to really listen. The best way I can describe it is he has like a dry Roc Marci type style where the content is packed but the delivery will make a break if you get into this. Simple hooks, and the pacing is consistent. Its a bit long but the song lengths vary from under to over 3 minutes, but it can drag. Not bad tho just something that requires your attention. Its not for everyone.
6.5/10 – John D.
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