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Habits – whiterosemoxie

Habits – whiterosemoxie
Habits – whiterosemoxie
🚮1. Coco Puffs
🚛2. Wi_Fi f. Daboat
🚮3. pickyafaceup
🆗4. Rulor f. BigBabyGucci
👎🏾5. off_Yew
🚛6. Foxx
👍🏾7. CALL!
You know that feeling when you deal with glitter but passed your mid 20’s whether it at a strip club or at home where you feel like immediately its too much, its annoying to clear yourself of it, its obnoxious, and your brain sometimes attaches it to a strange smell? Thats this entire project. Each speck of glitter creates the choices made on this project. The beats sound like someone mashed together soundcloud’s worst. Hes just as much a mess as the beats, swapping from the most non sonically pleasing noises he can let out, in the most awfully mixed way. It has no idea what it wants to be so it chalks itself up to “different”. He managed to sound like himself somewhat on the last track and its the only track that was decent and didn’t cause me great pain. Bury this one deep enough that it wont be found in your lifetime.
1/10 – John D.
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