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The Liz 2 – Armani Caesar

The Liz 2 – Armani Caesar
The Liz 2 – Armani Caesar
🎬01. Intro
🔥02. Paula Deen f. Westside Gunn
👍🏾03. Diana f. 👎🏾Kodak Black
🎬04. Skit
🔥05. Mel Gibson
🔥06. Hunnit Dolla Hiccup f. Stove God Cooks & Benny the Butcher
🔥07. Survival Of The Littest
🌊08. Queen City
🔥09. Liz Claiborne Jr 1 & 2
🌊10. Meth & Mary
🌊11. Ice Age
🆗12. First Wives Club
👍🏾13. Big Mood
🌊14. El Puro f. Conway the Machine
🆗15. That Money Maka
🌊16. Snowfall
😴17. Sike f. Queendom Come & Beatking
Project is solid but pacing could use some work. It falls off halfway through into that realm of throwaways and ok attempts and different sounds. She can fucking rap and its very clear, she can sing too its just when it leans towards the new age, it doesnt really hit that new age standard as far as sonics and such. Overall tho a solid release and showcase of her talent, its really up to the production and engineering side to make it all come together better. Not bad tho this is boss lady raps, pussy raps and punches but with brass knuckles on, like if a vagina had teeth and the teeth went from having 1 gold cap to full on grillz. Features were solid minus Kodak who sounded like he was reading his lyrics in front of a classroom. I would like to see her bang with more lady rappers with contrasting styles but either way this is solid, I just know she can put out better.
7.3/10 – John D.
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