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I Never Felt Nun – EST Gee


I Never Felt Nun – EST Gee
??01. Have Mercy
?02. Shoot It Myself f. Future
?03. Hell
??04. Come Home
?05. I Can’t Feel A Thing
?06. Backstage Passes f. Jack Harlow
??07. Both Arms
?08. Bow and Say Grace
?09. Blood
?10. Is Heaven For A Gangsta
?11. Love Is Blind
?12. X
??13. Get Em’ Geeski
?14. Sabotage f. Bryson Tiller
?15. Double Back
?16. I Won’t Let Em’ Kill Me
?17. Death Around The Corner f. Machine Gun Kelly
??18. Get It Going
?19. Voices In My Head
?20. Foreva
?21. The Realest f. Jeezy
Project is like your weedman giving you double the amount that you usually buy for the same price, but its all mids. Its way too long, he don’t got that much to talk about. This aggro paranoid raps. I say paranoid because sometimes I felt like his ad libs were completely different verses behind his verse and it was making me feel crazy. Production and quality are of the famous rapper industry plant standard. Features made the songs better. Hes just boring he sound like he forcing a rasp and his content is untouchable super hero thuggery. Nothing felt real. He could be but thats his business. Mids.
5/10 – John D.


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