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Sensitivity – SkilerJoi

Sensitivity – SkilerJoi
Sensitivity – SkilerJoi
🌊01. Neon Lights
🌊02. You Should Choose Me
🌊03. Body2Body
🌊04. iJstWannaKnow f. FSB Larry
👍🏾05. Heart Hotel
🌊06. Dwn 4 U f. Skybox Kenny
🆗07. Baccarat
🌊08. Feels f. Kiana Nicole
👍🏾09. So Over It!
🌊10. ViBE
Big songwriter energy. When the pop tracks was coming through they hit, very tik-tok worthy something that would easily get stuck in heads or have them lil frittatas twitching jerking and all that stuff they call dancing in front of they phones. I was here for it, then it takes a very R&B turn almost like sad girl love songs type mix and it wasn’t bad but I will say the energy went down so it took a huge shot to the pacing. It almost betrays you with it but its all clean, I think for this one to really shine it just needs those little tweaks from like other ears, very small things that elevate the soul and catchiness of it. Not bad, but 100% made for them long week bubble baths, or them nights when that person you are feeling is just being the worst. Not bad tho, in rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.
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