X-Files – Chris Patrick

X-Files – Chris Patrick


X-Files – Chris Patrick
?01. Ground Zero
?02. Gang Activity
?03. Snakes
?04. Up Now
?05. Changes f. Noah
?06. Lead Me On f. Erykah Officer
?07. Last Time f. BIlly Blunt
?08. Useless
?09. Insane/Staircases
?10. Oasis f. Nashir
?11. Fly Away
?12. Oakland Intedrlude
?13. Scared
?14. Rooftops f. Dende
This what the new age supposed to sound like. He doing everything right, he got the rap rap real song right, the club songs right, the Drake feat Rhianna song type vibe right and his own stuff more than the blueprint stuff. Evolution and growth should be greater and only aim up, and he hit all those notes on this one, from sonics, content to sound, flows switchup, singing he does it all on here at a very high level I wouldn’t be surprised if he playing the instruments and all that on here too. Im gonna stop blaming the kids because we know they stupid, im gonna start yelling at parents, start forcing cd’s like this on them subliminally, just leave copies of this lying around, or add to random playlists, trust the process. This project is amazing, a full complete fresh thought with some familiar and upgraded ideas as well. In rotation EASILY.
9.4/10 – John D.


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