Alpha – Shenseea

Alpha – Shenseea


Alpha – Shenseea
??01. Target f. Tyga
??02. Can’t Anymore
?03. Deserve It
??04. R U That f. 21 Savage
??05. Lick f. Megan the Stallion
??06. Bouncy f. Offset
??07. Henkel Glue f. Beanie Man
?08. Lying If I Call It Love f. Sean Paul
?09. Hangover
?10. Body Count
?11. Egocentric
??12. Shen Ex Anthem
?13. Sun Comes Up
?14. Blessed f. Tyga
Before I slay the content, this definitely had some sliders on it. Now let’s get to it, another industry plant sex puppet to sale us tits n ass on overproduced beats with a seem to be prostitute as a ghostwriter. We get it, it’s old & it’s time for something fresh from the core, not the same distasteful message to our women in a new shiny outfit. Of course some songs are listenable, that’s what money does. Nothing else to see here.
6.5/10 – T.R.3


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